Credit Counseling

Credit counseling for those who need it. Let us show you how to get rid of your debt with our credit counseling solutions made simple for you.

Credit Counseling Solutions

How credit counseling works

Credit counseling is viewed as a preferred alternative to more drastic measures - for those consumers in financial difficulty (see: three-quarters of us). When we have taken the first step to contact a credit counselor, we are usually ready to accept help in managing finances. During the free initial credit counseling session, all financial information, including credit cards, is evaluated to obtain an accurate assessment of the specific financial circumstances.

With this information, a certified non-profit credit counselor will analyze each financial situation carefully. Next, a reasonable budgeting plan will be developed to enable the consumer to implement a solid financial framework. When appropriate, creditors will be contacted to make arrangements for reduced interest rates and manageable repayment plans through a debt counseling program. The end result will be to keep better track of spending, to set aside money for emergencies, as well as manage repayment of previous debts. Enroll online simply by filling out our free, complimentary form and receive your free quotes.

If negative items in your credit report continually bite you, here's how to fight back:

-- Draft a budget. A spending plan will help keep you from tapping your overdraft protection each month. If you have an accurate idea of your expenses, you'll gain insight into how to better manage your money.

-- Scrimp. Don't spend more than you make each month, and learn from past financial mistakes. This is simple enough, but for some it's a revelation. Follow this simple rule, and you'll be light-years ahead of many who can't escape their bad credit history.

-- Save. Plan to put a little each month into a savings account. It's always good to have a little something in the bank for an emergency. Do the math--$25 per week adds up to $1,300 per year. That's $13,000 over ten years--plus interest. Hmmm, think what $100 or $200 per week would add up to.

Peruse our site and see what kind of credit counseling you can get. Our associates are experts at consumer credit counseling. You can learn a lot from their years of credit counseling advice. If you want your credit back on track, sign up now. Get all the credit counseling advice and help you need. Don't go to the poor house. Build your credit and enjoy living in your house. Sign up today!

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