Credit restoration is a big task, but with help you can be on your way to restoring it in no time.

Credit Lost And Credit Gained.

Find yourself with bad credit? Find yourself with really bad credit? We can help. We can help with credit counseling. We can do it with debt consolidation. We can do it together and we can do it right.

Together, we will get you out of debt in as fast as possible, usually less than five years. We will walk you down the road of debt elimination. Together we will burst in the door of credit card debts and proudly take a stand. Here's some credit tips to get you started:

Credit Tips

  1. Get your credit report! Find out exactly what your score is, and if there are any mistakes, have them fixed.
  2. Develop an "Accelerator Margin" (AC) - defined as an amount set aside monthly to pay extra on bills. The suggested goal is 10% of gross.
  3. #09 Review your last 6-8 months of check registers. List each entry which offers any hope of debt reduction (not bills, taxes, etc.). If there is a question, list it.
  4. #09 Categorize each entry into major areas of your life (groceries, entertainment, lunches, savings, etc.)
  5. #09 Review each entry and write out a plan of action of how to save in each area and how much will be saved. (i.e. bring versus buy lunch saves xxx dollars.)
  6. #09 Use the tips to develop your own ideas for how to save on each entry aiming for a total of 10% of your gross.
  7. #09 Develop Your Debt Elimination Schedule by following the next 4 steps.
  8. #09 For each debt, list and divide the total payoff amount by the monthly payment. Assign a numeric sequence starting with "1" for the lowest division answer, "2" for the next lowest, etc.
  9. #09 Each month make the normal minimum payment to each debt except debt #1 (lowest division answer) to which you apply the AC. Repeat until debt #1 is paid.
  10. #09 Pay the minimum monthly on all bills except debt #2. To debt #2, apply the minimum monthly + AC + the former debt #1 payment. Continue until debt #2 is paid.
  11. #09 Start on debt #3 with the minimum payment + AC + former debt #1 + former debt #2, etc.
  12. #09 Once all debts including the mortgage are paid, use the extra cash flow to start paying yourself in a mutual fund. Now you have interest working for you instead of against you.

Well, what did you think of that? It was just a start, but a start is a start, as they say. Now it is time to take things to the next level. Now is the time to discover true debt relief. Utilizing our perfected credit counseling and debt management techniques, you can and WILL get out of debt. All you need to do is...


Get rid of credit card debt for good. You can even throw your credit card out the window if you like. Credit consolidation is going to change everything. We're going to redefine the way you think about credit.

Apply now and eliminate debt with credit help from the O.D.C.S. Admit it. It's time for you to look for credit repair in the new year.

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