Credit Card Consolidation

Credit card consolidation can be a shopaholic's savior!

Credit Card Consolidation

Are you a shopaholic? Jan is. Or rather, she was, before she got credit card consolidation.

The Road to Credit Card Consolidation

Remember the song by The Fixx called "One Thing Leads to Another"? Well, that's sort of what happened to Jan, a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Whenever Jan was bored, she would go to the mall. Actually, it became a ritual on Saturdays. She was always on a quest for the perfect outfit, the perfect purse, the perfect shoes, the newest CDs, etc. And if she found an item of clothing she really, really liked, she'd buy it in several colors. The word "enough" was never part of her vocabulary--at least not until she finally maxed out all of her credit cards and couldn't get more. Her creditors were finally saying "enough." It wasn't until she could no longer afford her minimums that she started using the word "enough." At that point, she was disappointed in herself, and even a little afraid. The first thing she did was enroll in Shopaholics Anonymous. Although that didn't alleviate her financial problems, she did learn about something called credit card consolidation. That was awesome for her because she didn't know help was available.

How Credit Card Consolidation Helps

Ever curious, Jan had to learn all about credit card consolidation. What she learned is that credit card consolidation is a process through which all of her credit card balances are reduced and combined by a credit card debt consolidation company, then she would make one much lower consolidated payment to the credit consolidation company, who distributes it among her creditors. Because of the lower interest rate, she can be debt free in about five years. And the credit card consolidation makes sure the monthly payment is affordable. She learned that shopaholics with collateral can get a credit consolidation loan, and there was even a bad credit consolidation program for shopaholics who've gone too far and have bad credit.

Another benefit is that some of the companies who offer these programs also offer credit counseling. This teaches you how to use credit wisely, how to budget and even how to save for future goals. What a deal.

After Jan learned all she could about credit card consolidation, she went online and completed our online form so she could get recommendations and referrals to companies offering credit card consolidation to compare within 24 hours. After her comparisons, she chose a company that now has her on the road to becoming debt free!

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